This page contains handouts referenced in Chapter 1 from Multigenre Research Reports: Multifaceted, Multipurpose Writing Assignments.


Slides about Multigenre Folklore.

A Sampling of Student Project Topics


A Folklore Quiz

Folklore Bingo

Folklore Bingo Examples

Sharing Folk Crafts.

Folklore Brainstorming Sheets

Websites with Multigenre Projects from Several Grade Levels.

Interview Release Form

Interviewing Assisted Living Residents

Nursing home residents may be too ill to interview whereas assisted living facilities and senior centers may welcome a class to conduct interviews. Seeking permission and advance planning are important. For a community memoir course that I taught in an assisted living facility, a gentleman shared stories about living through the dust bowl in Oklahoma that rivaled those in Grapes of Wrath. This project was extended to involve senior citizens and Lima high school students exchanging memoirs and reading the same novel.

Exploring Urban Legends