This page contains handouts and photographs referenced in Chapter 8 from Multigenre Research Reports: Multifaceted, Multipurpose Writing Assignments.


Photographs of Projects.

Family Scrapbook Project by Heather Topp.

Scrapbook Project

Community Movie Theater Project by Carmel Morse.

Movie Theater Project

Local Interest Group Scrapbook Project by Dani Burrows.

Interest Group Scrapbook Project

Paper Bag Scrapbook Project by Janie Freund.

Paper Bag Scrapbook Project
Inside Paper Bag Scrapbook Project

Pizza Box Project by Ryan Hudgins.

Pizza Box Project

Inside the Pizza Box Project.

Inside the Pizza Box Project

Bibliography of Books with Moveable Parts.

How to Make a Paper Bags Scrapbook.

Interactive Page Elements.

Directions for Creating Aged Paper.